Sunday, 5 September 2010

catching up

Last night my lovely sister had the big little one and Neil's lovely sister took the little little one to stay in Sheffield overnight (ready for his birthday trip with her to Sundown today).
That left me with 3 hours alone to tidy up, do the ironing and get ready to go out!
Me n Neil went for a lovely curry... then to the pub... then home to watch X Factor on Sky+! 
Had a lovely lie in this morning then finished some of the rubbishy little jobs... Result!


  1. well done mrs! I haven't seen mr.max since Fri, he's refusing to come home from my mums!! I'm out the door at 7pm for work so if he ain't back by then it'll be tomorrow teatime when I see him - a whole 72hrs. I don't think I like it!

  2. Aw!
    One night's enough!
    Alfonzo's on his way back now, I missed the little bugger!
    (But it was good while it lasted) :-)

  3. Oh I just love Sundown - even better than the kids...x