Thursday, 9 September 2010

house with no mouse

Me and the kids were all grumpy after school so neil made us go to the park with him. We walked back home over the fields and I saw a lovely house I've never seen before. It was massive and full of character with a beautiful dry stone wall and right next to it was a separate 3 car garage with massive room over the top. It overlooked lots of fields full of horses.
I want that house! I want the room above the garage to be my studio. I want a pony for Jodie which can live in the field.
I bet that house doesn't have a mouse!


  1. which house and where? Is it next to the moor, newly built??

  2. Yep, across the main road from us, hidden away down a long you know the owner?

  3. Oh and now I want the house too!!! Think it might be too far for me to commute to London? Sounds lovely.........a studio......sigh!