Monday, 6 September 2010

mouse! we've lived here for seven years but the people who we bought the house from - Betty and Geoff - lived here for 30 years. Geoff thought he was an expert in DIY... Betty also thought he was marvellous ... sadly he wasn't! It has taken us 7 years to get rid of his DIY disasters. 
Anyway when we bought the house the estate agent's leaflet informed us that the house had a "garden room". This was a rather grand description of the lean-to shed type construction at the back of the house but it had windows all round overlooking the garden so I claimed it as my studio. Turns out it was built by Geoff! (We know this because it consists of a million odd shaped bits of wood nailed together on top of a million different types of brick and stone with different size pieces of reclaimed glass for the windows....oh and on one of the windows is engraved in messy handwriting "Betty and Geoff 1985")
Well in true Geoff style there is a big hole at the bottom of one of the walls...designed so that their many cats could come and go as they pleased. Sadly it is still there and I have discovered that it also means mice can come and go quite happily!! 
Turns out they have moved into my studio and chewed up half my sewing threads and loads of fabric to make a nest.
Another Geoff disaster to put right...


  1. wow! seems complicated deal with those mice... :-(
    Thanks for your follow in my flow! i've just found you and i do really love your art!!! :-D Keep in touch!!