Tuesday, 4 January 2011

early night

I've set the bath running.
This is to force me to put the sketchbook away and have an early night.
If not I don't know how I'll get up in the morning.
I've got so used to the lovely lie-ins this Christmas and I'm not looking forward to setting the alarm....


  1. Hope the early morning this morning wasnt too bad. My two were eager to return to school!!!
    I am now busy tiding the house. Look forward to seeing more of the book.....x

  2. I am still in 'boyfriend on paternity' land, one more week and then I will be new mum at home alone...eek, have been loving all of your cats and dogs work, great colour palette!! :)

  3. You have the most charming art style! I want to reach out and give this sweet little kitty a hug. What a perfect face.