Thursday, 13 January 2011

gonna get it done

I have never ever missed a deadline ever.
But I have never been one to do it early and get it out of the way.
My sketchbook will follow the same pattern. The posting deadline is Saturday....I have seven double page spreads and the cover left to do.
As luck would have it as of 7pm today I am up to date with all my work, woohoo!
So I can spend all day tomorrow on getting the job done...well in between school runs and dropping my car off at the garage and sorting the kids out and getting my car back and feeding little people etc etc...
Watch this space!


  1. How cute is 'Wet Dog' ! Keep going...I bet its a brill sketchbook. Jayne x

  2. Good luck!!, love your wet dog!...oooo bet not many people have said that to you!

  3. You are an inspiration on the design and juggling children front! :)

  4. Keep going with the sketchbook! I posted mine on Thursday after a couple of weeks of frantic drawing/sticking etc!
    What you've posted so far is wonderful, well done! :-) Nanny S-A xxx

  5. Good luck meeting that deadline!

    I just happened across your blog, and so glad I did. Your designs are precious. I do hope you get around to inventing those children's books. You certainly have the artistic talent. I'm a writer and editor of textbooks for preK through grade 8--mostly teacher guides, but I have written and edited children's stories, too. I wish I had drawing and painting skills so I could do my own children's books.