Friday, 7 January 2011

uh oh!

....forgot how busy January is.... how's a girl meant to finish her sketchbook in time for the deadline when she has loads of work to do? 
AND closing school early 'cos of a bit of snow does not help!
Looking like late nights for me.
But at least I've reached the halfway point....


  1. Cheers for your sketchbook. You can do it!
    I love your blue dog, very cute!

    I also come here to tell you that you have been given a Stylish Blogger Award :-) It works like tag post. Just tell 7 things about yourself and pay it forward to other 15 blogs that you like.

    You can see my post here and see if you want to play along :-)

    Not sure if you have time for this. Just enjoy though :-D

  2. No point me asking for some work on my blog then???!!!! I'll email you at some point cos Gra needs business cards too. Tehehe!

  3. I'm doing the sketchbook project too. This week will be so crazy trying to fill up the remaining pages. Good luck with yours!

    Carolyn x

  4. I love this little dog! The color palette and strips are so charming. <3 Good luck with the sketchbook project!

  5. Thanks for the support folks!
    Justine, I will be hiding from you till at least february ha ha xx