Friday, 11 March 2011

day off

Well I managed half a day off..... but the cleaning was boring my pants off so I'm gonna do some work. It's pointless anyway 'cos it only stays tidy till the messy buggers come home and trash it.... might as well work instead.
Had a fab night last night, we went to see Wonder Stuff at the O2 Academy in Leeds. 
(Young people and foreign people >>>they are a group from the early 90's)
It was brilliantFor a minute I was right back in 1991 :-)


  1. What a shame your day off didn't go quite as planned. Glad you had a good time at the O2...

  2. Hurrah for The Wonderstuff...from my neck of the woods Stourbridge, sooo good live, singing your head off sooo good for the soul!! hope you have had a good weekend x x x