Monday, 28 March 2011


Ten years ago me and my sister had a fantastic idea for Mothers Day....we crammed ourselves into a photo booth with our two (small and well behaved) babies, had 16 photos taken, chopped them out and mounted them in a lovely frame.
Our Mum was so thrilled we repeated the exercise the following year...and the year after that....
By the time we had five (large and not so well behaved) kids between us it was too late to pack it in.
Nowadays it's not so easy trying to get the kids to be nice to each other, sit still and smile all at the same time - not to mention the impossibility of fitting us all in the tiny-weeny booth together - so we always put the horror off till the very last minute.'s Mother's Day on Sunday...
We'll be going to the photo booth in the local supermarket after school on Wednesday....shoppers beware!

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