Monday, 14 March 2011

time for a clear out

Tomorrow we will have lived here 8 years.
It's beginning to feel a bit of a squash....but I think perhaps that's down to the 8 years worth of accumulated tat we have and we just need to have a good old clear out to solve the problem.
Actually I need to have the clear out on my own...if I involve Neil and the kids we won't be clearing anything out!


  1. I really need to sort out my TAT and have a good old clear out.......oh and the windows could do with a wash!

  2. Ha! Cleaned mine yesterday when the sun was shining and showing all the grubby little handprints! x

  3. I LOVE clearing out clutter. I feel so unencumbered after a good clear out! I need to work on my craft room. It is becoming a "rat's nest." :-)