Friday, 16 December 2011

something missing

Well the tree has been up a week and I've just remembered it hasn't got anything on top. I used to have a rather tasteful and very cool looking star up there. Then the big one made this fab angel in Nursery out of a McDonalds coke cup and a doily. So that was on the top of the tree for years. But this year she said "Mu-uum. You are NOT putting THAT up there!" So now I have no idea where the cool and very stylish star is and the top of the tree is just a twig. 


  1. Have the same problem, my boys need to make a new angel but not sure at the age of 8 and 10 they will really be up for it!! Can see me having to make one or go out and possible treat our new to something new!

  2. Haha, how cute! I love this illustration. You have such a fun style!