Monday, 12 December 2011

very flipping busy

Aw man I have been so busy! Busier than a busy thing. Stay-up-till-stupid-o'clock-busy. Too busy to even look at blogs. Or Pinterest. Or anything! 
I have been MRS BUSY!
I won't bore you with the details but you'll be pleased to hear that I'm back to my normal amount of busy-ness now.
Anyway in the middle of my very busy busy-ness I managed to win a giveaway from the lovely Karen at Blueberry Park. 

I won this fab load of felt from Seamstar! Yay! Can't wait for it to arrive :-)

And I also bought these super-fab baubles from Elise at Button Box Cards. (This is Elise's photo, the one I took was rubbish!)
I bought all three and they look brill on my tree. (Yes, Mrs Busy put up the tree in a super-organised manner on Saturday with the help of 3 children and 1 dog. Stressful? Oh just a little....)
Get yourself over there and make a purchase....quickly...they are VERY popular and you don't want your tree to miss out.


  1. Hello Mrs busy!
    I hope you're sitting down with a medicinal glass of wine.
    (my tree is still parked in it's net coat outside the back door......was hoping one of santa's elves would put it up in the living room!)

  2. Mrs C, don't you know that Santa's elves are very busy at this time of year?
    If you like I'll send my 3 child helpers and 1 dog down to stay for a couple of days? That should do the trick ;-) xx

  3. Hey I think the puppy would go down a storm here........the cheeselets may never let her go.
    I could always do with a few extra little helpers. Do they eat sprouts?

    Blummin' tree is STILL OUTSIDE in it's netty anorak!


  4. Thanks for the mention Dawny glad you liked the baubles! They went down a real storm and i totally sold out! Yay! Unfortunately that meant my tree missed out on them but will be buying extra next year in preparation!
    Have a great Christmas family Pop-I-cok!xxx