Monday, 2 April 2012


I love swimming. Really. I do. When I win the lottery a house with a swimming pool will be top of my list. I will swim every morning. On my own. With a waterproof iPod.
However, I hate swimming in mucky public swimming pools filled with cold water and other people's over-excited splashy kids. Can't stand it. Do my very best to avoid it. Could put it off no longer today. The little people nagged me senseless to take them to Calypso Cove in Barnsley. 
It was full of cold water, fat men with tattoos and splashy kids. But the little people loved it. So that's all that matters.


  1. ha! I have been taking olive for swimming lessons ( in a nice warm pool in the back of a rich persons house!) she is the splashiest of them all!! she goes crazy and gets all the other kids, their mums and ME in the face, but she LOVES it which as you say is the main thing!! XXX

  2. Ah splashy little Olive in a warm pool I could cope with....big kids who dive in on your head in a cold pool full of fat blokes - no ta!

  3. Totally relate. We went to Romsey Rapids. Kip (my son) loved it, me..... Well I'm still waiting for the verrucas to pop up. I felt quite chubby that day on the way there. On the drive home I was a super model after seeing some of the "minging mothers"! Yep own pool sounds great!

    1. Jo, we were clearly born to have our own pools....don't know where mine's got to though....