Friday, 13 April 2012

this week..

This week I have mostly been juggling. Kids and work. A lot of work. Mostly done late at night. But also quite a bit in daylight hours thanks to my fab Mum and Dad who've had to put up with our two kids and my sister's three for several long hours. (Well....they wanted grandchildren!)
We haven't palmed them off ALL the time though. Done some fun stuff with them ourselves too.
Like on Monday me and the other half took them to Bolton Abbey and they had much fun watching some showy-off bloke fall off the stepping stones into the river! The very cold river. In the rain. Ha ha, poor bloke pretended he wasn't-even-bothered-anyway and just walked the rest of the way. With water up to his chest and everything. Ha!

And today me and my sis and six kids and two dogs went to the park and played in the stream and ate ice cream.
And tomorrow me and my sis will be taking five kids and no dogs to Ilkley. On public transport! How much excitement can these kids take? They'll be gutted on Monday when they have to go back to school!

...Oh AND AND AND I got another TWO Liebster awards!!
One from Ilona at I Drew This and the other from Jayne at Jayne Schofield.
Thank you both so much  :-)
I actually feel like these two are my real friends ...when really in real life we have never actually met or anything! They are just my Bloggy Buddies! Cheers...I will pass the awards on....promise...honest...sometime soon...I'm on


  1. Aww are my real friend...Bloggy or otherwise....enjoy your award...and your day in Ilkley xx

  2. can I also say a big aww it was a pleasure :) I do think that one day we should have a bloggers get together and actually SEE one another!!! X

    1. Hi ladies, I think we should definitely all meet up one day (just need ample time to shed two stone and trim up my bingo-wings before we do)
      Hope you had fun in Ilkley!
      And here's to school starting tomorrow