Thursday, 26 April 2012

posting woman from hell update

For those of you wondering whatever happened to the PostingWomanFromHell....I can give you a much awaited update.
I went to post a parcel tonight on the way home from school (busiest time of day for our one-man post office) and there she was. In front of me. Again.
I looked at the Post Office Bloke and snarled. He looked back at me and smirked. He knows how annoying she is. They have asked her not to come in at their busiest time with a million parcels. She doesn't care. 
Tonight she ONLY had 12 parcels instead of the usual 58. So (clearly in an effort to spend more time at the counter and annoy the queue) she started asking him about the Royal Mail price hike this weekend and the difference between a large letter and a small parcel and the cost of sending a small parcel to the States and why the same thing could be classed as a large letter in the UK.....
By this point I wanted to kill her.
She then asked to buy 2000 stamps. He wouldn't let her. She persuaded him to part with 600 instead.
She is going to put the postage prices up on her Ebay shop - even though she has a zillion cheap stamps - and make a huge profit. She has already bought £5000 worth of stamps! Her plan is to put them on the large letters and small parcels... then the poor bloke in the P.O. will have to weigh them and work out that she owes like 17p more... then do all the computer thingy stuff... then start again with the next large letter or small parcel. The queues are gonna be a mile long. I will have to find another Post Office.
Or dob her in her to the tax man. 'Cos my guess is she's not paying tax on all this stamp profiteering.... 
BUT worse than all that... I have to tell you....she was still wearing the rain...with socks!!! Crocs with socks! Call the fashion police! Now!!!


  1. Brilliant! I actually laughed out loud as I read that, hilarious! I can feel your annoyance and would totally feel the same.

  2. I just want to know what she sells in her ebay shop.... shes obviously doing well ?!!... second hand crocs maybe.. thanks for the laugh.

  3. This has really made me chuckle over my lunch break. Post Offices are a nightmare at the best of times, although there were no queues in mine today, a rarity!x

  4. Ok she needs to be reported to the tax man AND the fashion police. Yuk!!

  5. I'm very curious to know what she sells! And how funny about the Crocs! x

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  7. Oww I think I would have had bad thoughts of going to the front of the queue, and kicking all her parcels out the door and stealing her crocs off her smelly feet! not that I like crocs, but this woman sounds horrid!! haha... Sorry it is funny, but I do hope you find another post office ! x