Thursday, 17 May 2012

baby shower

I have so far in my life managed to avoid attending a baby shower. It hasn't been too hard to be honest. They didn't exist in this country till a couple of years ago. They were just events that Americans felt the need to throw. 
And I have only ever been invited to three. The first time I made up some fabulous and possibly far-fetched excuse. The second one cancelled 'cos she couldn't be arsed with a load of drunk women in her living room when she was sober and 8 months pregnant. The third one is on Sunday. The other half says I have to go. It's his nephew's girlfriend. His family will be offended if I make up another wild excuse. To be fair I really like her. But honestly? A baby shower? What's the point? I don't get it? 
Anyway I have now resigned myself to the fact that my Sunday afternoon will be wasted and have dredged up a bit of enthusiasm with the creation of a fabulous gift. The baby will be a girl and her nursery will be fully kitted out in Mamas and Papas Scrapbook. As the brilliant Auntie who created these characters it was only right I should make a bespoke little t-shirt for the little flower. 
I will of course tell her not to wash it cos it will, no doubt, be ruined. The edges will fray and the print bits will more than likely come off. Probably best therefore that she doesn't actually wear it! Great present Auntie Dawn!



  1. OMG but it is so very cute, should be put in a frame forever!!! x x x

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I also only recently attended my first shower. It wasn't too bad - luckily it was one of the ones without the awful games. Basically just brunch but with baby gifts :-)

  3. my friend asked me with trepidation recently if I was having a baby shower. My response was 'no way, what's the point?'. She was mighty relieved. She's been to one recently where basically everyone bought gifts for the baby which I think is weird - it's like Christmas without being Christmas and it seems a bit greedy to me, like you are forcing people to buy you baby gifts. Anyhoo - I love you designs, as usual, so sweet.

  4. You do know you're going to be invited to every baby shower in existence now just so people can have gorgeous presents! In fact, I'm suddenly pregnant again, baby shower sunday? x

  5. really fabulous. what a clever clogs. i am a nimwit and should have guessed you were the scrapbook lady. good work and what a lucky niece to be she is!