Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Well the votes have been counted and I can reveal.....
I have booked it!!
Christmas at Center Parcs here we come!
No dashing around to visit everyone this year. No making the kids leave their presents to dash off somewhere else. No arguments over the other half going to the pub on Christmas Day. No sulking till Boxing Day. No repeat of the whole thing the day after Boxing Day when we go to the brother-in-law's. Yes to having a glass of wine with my Christmas dinner 'cos no I won't be driving anywhere.
Might even upgrade to champagne!
We told the kids. The big one is so excited she's already written a list of things to take with her!


  1. Yipee!
    Well done for biting the bullet!

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  3. Thanks for following my blog. Love your handwriting! I've been looking at your Pinterest for about an hour I love Mad Softies!!

    Here's to a stress-free tinsel time

  5. It's definitely the right thing to do!! Woohoo!! That should've out you in the mood for the Christmas stuff for Surtex haha!!

  6. hooray, it's going to be great! x

  7. Thank you! I say do it, definitely! Flowers are such a common sticker that you should have no problem finding a set that will work for you. Just make sure you don't get gems like I did. ;) I would love to see the finished mani if you decide to do it! It seems like such a cool idea.
    bullet stickers