Tuesday, 8 May 2012

long weekend

This weekend I...
*Saw the Vaccines in Blackpool. They were ace. Stayed overnight. The other half puked all the way home due to excessive alcohol consumption. He never learns.
*Took the kids swimming with my sis.
*Packed the little one off to Big Camp with the Beavers.
*Went to the Saltaire Arts Trail where arty types opened their front doors and had a bit of an art gallery in their front room. Very odd. Especially the house with the overly floral wallpaper which, in my opinion, clashed terribly with the paintings.
The other half was happy, he's always wanted to have a nosey in the cottages around Salts Mill. The big one was mortified at the thought of going into a stranger's house to look at pictures.
*Packed the big one off to Grandma's and had a night in the pub. The other half was struggling with his beer. Maybe he learnt his lesson this time?
*Collected the tired Beaver from Big Camp. Grumpy all day.
*Did my bit for charity selling cakes on the Reuben and Friends stall at the May Day Fair. It proper chucked it down. The whole 3 hours. We were soaked. So were the buns. No-one likes a soggy bun do they!
*Ate 6 Krispy Kreme donuts....left over from our cake stall. SOMEONE had to eat them! They were in Krispy Kreme quality boxes so not soggy. Bonus :-)


  1. lol, this has made me laugh! and yes I would have also eaten the krispy kremes too! shame the event got rained out, stupid weather is really starting to grate now!

  2. Sounds like fun! what a hectic weekend.

  3. Hello Pop-i-cok, wow, you are an inspiration - you find the time to do all these fun things in your weekend and STILL have time to design gorgeous things! You must never stop! I really enjoy your blog :)

  4. Eeeee kid you've been busy!
    Hope you've had chance to breathe this week.
    Has Mr Sunshine made his way up there and told the rain to *@8k off?
    Hope so.
    Happy weekend