Tuesday, 28 May 2013

bank holiday weekend

Another fab weekend... 
Went to the Saltaire Arts Trail with the other half and the kids. It's where people open their houses to the general riffraff and turn their living rooms into pop up mini art galleries. I looked at the art. The other half looked at the oversized sofas and beige carpets. The kids looked for the jar of sweets the very kind hosts always seem to have to hand.
We went to visit my mum in hospital a couple of times. She's looking much better.
Me and the other half had our usual bank holiday hot date to the pub. Drank too much. For a change. Evidence all over Facebook. Thanks Gemma.
And yesterday we all went to Ilkley Moor. This is usually a quiet beauty spot with big rocks and trees. On a bank holiday it's a mad busy beauty spot with big rocks and trees. And yesterday it was a mad busy beauty spot with big rocks and trees and 4 fire engines, 2 ambulances, a police car, 3 mountain rescue land drovers and an air ambulance! Some chap had fallen and got his arm wedged down a crack in a big rock. We watched a real life mountain rescue. The little one was in his element. The chap was ok. Once he got airlifted to hospital...
So....when's the next bank holiday?

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