Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So...I was shopping with the kids a while ago when I saw something that looked familiar. 
So I took a photo. 
And forgot about it. 
Found it on my phone today.... 

Delved about in my archives and realised that sure enough it was one of my designs. Well kind of. They've changed it. A lot. But still... It's mine. You can just tell. 
No idea where I took the photo now though? Could be George at Asda? 
Put your hand up if you know and I'll put their name on!

My original design...with wheels...


  1. I don't know....but I'm lovin' what they've done to it! Gold STAR as always hun! :-))

  2. Urghh, that's awful. Did you do anything about it? Hate that people steal like that. You sound remarkably laid back about it all though!

    1. Oh ha ha! No Anna, it was a design I sold through my agent! I was paid for it! Just no idea who it sold to or where I saw it! Don't worry, no-one stole the design :-) xx