Wednesday, 22 May 2013

mid life cardi

The other half and the little one went down to Wembley again on Saturday to watch Bradford City get promoted.
So I took the big one and the mother-in-law to the new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds. A mecca of newly refurbished retail environments just waiting to be explored!
But shopping with someone who hates shops and a moody tweenager was never gonna be conducive to a relaxing retail experience was it? 
Desperate not to return empty handed I grabbed myself a cardi whilst walking through H&M. A leopard print cardi! Not my usual thing. It's not plain black for a kick off. But it didn't need trying on and there was no queue at the till. And it was cheap enough not to matter if it looked a sod on me!
And actually it turns out that I quite like it! Leopard print! It's the new black don'tyaknow!
Think I might be having a mid-life-crisis!


  1. Am reading this while wearing MY leopard print cardi ! Hmmmm... With black top and black jeans !!

  2. Release that inner leopard girl! :-))

  3. me-wow! so flippin' cute. this must be a rare white leopard. love your stories with each post!!