Sunday, 18 August 2013


We went to buy school shoes today. 'Cos I'm super organised like that.
And I threw the old ones away on the last day of term so I daren't risk the kids being sent home in September for wearing slippers. Or wellies. Or flip flops.
I was also hoping to pick up a few last minute essential purchases for our jolly holidays next week. I should've known better. I should know that in August when it's sunny and warm - and we're about to go somewhere sunnier and warmer - that all the shops are full of woolly jumpers and winter coats. 'Cos this happens to me every year.
Of course I should really have bought that rather lovely coat I saw. Because when it's freezing cold in November and I go to make a purchase the shops will no doubt be full of bikinis and short shorts...


  1. Ha ha, so true! You should have bought that coat....They'll all be gone by September!! Were there any tweed bikinis? :-)

  2. I HATE that !! last year i went away in October - found one pair of mis matched flip flops left in Primark.