Thursday, 15 August 2013

weirdy beardy

The other half is going away for the weekend tomorrow. To Switzerland. To stay with his friend DJ-Mark-who-used-to-be-a-DJ-but-isn't-any-more. I've only been to Switzerland once. We nipped over to St Moritz when we were staying at  Lake Como one year (as ya do). It was LOVELY. I'd love to go back. But not this weekend, it's boys only this weekend.
I've got this lumberjack dude on my GTS tote bag...everyone seemed to like him so as a special treat for Lizzie Mackay I've made him into Mr Beardy Swiss Goat Herder. She likes a man with a beard.


  1. Thanks hun...MR BEARDY! Only one word for him... EPIC.

  2. I can't decide who is hotter - lumberjack dude or goat herder dude?

    1. It's a toughie.... lumberjack probably has good arms from all the woodchopping but goat herder dude would probably win the yodel competition! :-)

  3. Ha Ha...just noticed the goat's goatee! :-)))