Thursday, 22 August 2013


Woo I'm up to date with all my work. I'm packed. I'm ready to soon as I get some Euros...and take the dog to my mum's...and get a birthday card for the little one who is having his birthday in Spain this year.....Adios amigos x
Oh...and here's August on my blog. Early. Cos I won't be here on the right date. It's a bit lacking in content I'm afraid. But I won't be doing any bloggery while I'm away. It's a holiday dontchaknow.


  1. Im off to France and Missus Print and Pattern is off on her hols .. Lucky were not all going to the same place !... Ive also got to get euros.. oh and insect bite cream... and try to find a sunhat oh and sunglasses for him.. and actually Im not as organised as I thought ; ) Have a good one x