Tuesday, 3 September 2013

global talent search semi finals

Hi folks, I'm back! We had a lovely lovely holiday in hot and sunny Spain. I wanted to stay longer. Or forever. But real life forced me to come home...just in time for the voting on the second round of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. Convenient eh?
You may recall that I got down to the final 50 with my journal cover
Round 2 involved designing a tote bag that could be sold at a farmer's market. Based on Autumn activities. You didn't have to include people. Or handwritten wording. But both were mentioned in the brief. So... you know....
My problem wasn't coming up with ideas. It never is. My problem was selecting which marvellous idea to use. Always is. Good at ideas, rubbish at deciding. I got it down to two options. My lovely new mates from the MATS course helped. Well not really. Half liked one, half liked the other. But they tried.
So in the end, after boring myself and everyone else I know to near-death, I went for this one...
Here's the one that nearly made it but didn't...
Not sure now I look at them again if I made the right decision. But too late to be worrying about it. 
Anyway. Voting's open people. Here. Please be a darling and get your lovely self over to vote for me. Just ignore the other fabulous designs. I know... They're ace. But don't let that concern you. You're MY friend not theirs...vote for me :-) 
Thanks soooooo much xxxxx Love you forever xxxxx


  1. Good luck, lovely - you'll get through for sure xx

  2. Looks wonderful and yes I have voted and yes I did have my favorites, lots of luck! x

  3. Ha ha....I've voted for you already Mrs M!! And I think you did make the right choice because Mr Beardy was in it...and that is all! :-)
    Off to watch the British Bake Off now.....it's the cooking version of this. Weirdly, one of the contestants is a kidswear designer... her ideas are way better than everyone elses!
    Love ya xx

    1. Aw I'll vote for you too...never thought about actually voting myself! xxxx

  4. I voted for you and lizzie - they are easily the best in my opinion : ) Good luck x