Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Grazia magazine

I have a subscription to Grazia magazine. I haven't managed to actually find time to read it lately but I live in hope so I won't be cancelling it just yet. 
I do, however, have time to play a most exciting game with my sister... Every Tuesday when the postie comes I grab the mag and guess who's on the cover. Then I text my sis. Like this "This week....Jennifer Aniston" She replies with "Cara Delevingne" or "Kate Moss" and I open it to see if either of us is a superstar champion. (TBH it's not very difficult, it's usually one of the above or sometimes Katie Holmes and the odd appearance by Kate Middleton. Or Katie Perry. Anyone called Kate or Katie is pretty much a safe bet.)
BUT for the last 2 weeks Grazia magazine have decided to do a "special exclusive subscribers' cover". Today it was a lipstick print by Giles Deacon!! How the hell are we supposed to flipping guess that?!
Come on Grazia! I'm all for a bit of Giles...but not on the cover ta, you are spoiling our game!! 


  1. Excellent game! I might subscribe and play it with my sister... hours of fun! :-)

  2. you can play with us if you like Lizzie...save you buying it...cos you won't have time to read it! x

  3. I really like your people characters popping up all over! I'd love to see them animated. Could you get on that?!?! he he he

    1. Sorted Tricia, just for you!! See today's post... xx