Friday, 27 September 2013


Today I am the mother of a teenager! 
I know! It's shocking that I could possibly be old enough!! But 13 years ago today the big one burst into the world. Three weeks earlier than she was meant to. She just made squeaky noises for the first 3 days. Like a supermarket trolley with a dodgy wheel. Then she learned how to cry. A lot. She cried for a whole year. None stop. People would look at me like I was doing it wrong. They would say "Give her to me" in a smug way. After 10 minutes of constant screaming they would hand her back. We discovered that the only time she would shut up was when we put her in one of those battery operated indoor baby swings. On full speed.  One night we were so exhausted that we carried the bloody thing upstairs with her in it and she "slept" in that all night. Fifteen minutes at a time cos that's how long it worked for before you had to press the remote control thingy to start it again. 
She sleeps like a brick these days. Can't get her out of bed some mornings.
But she's still giving us sleepless nights...


  1. Lovely story... must of been fun, enjoy the day! x

  2. welcome to the mother of teen club, I have two years membership left during which time i shall surely go totally grey.