Wednesday, 11 September 2013

not a winner :-(

Well big thanks to everyone who voted for my tote bag. Much appreciated people. But sadly I didn't make it. The judges said "Thanks but no thanks". 
So my big dream is over. The dream I've had for like the last year. No Lillaland for me folks. I'm off the list! The fact that I've got so much work on at the moment and actually would have had to go without sleep for two weeks to do the final assignment is of no consolation to me. I'm gutted. And I know it was a big dream for the other semi-finalists who didn't make it either. But it was my dream MORE ok!
Unfortunately, thanks to the clever marketing people, everyone who voted is now on the Lilla newsletter list...which means they all got an email about the finalists today. So any hopes I had to just slope off, lie low and forget about it have been scuppered. No hiding for me. I've been getting messages of condolence all day. Cheers for that!

The finalists were announced yesterday when I was in London meeting with lovely new clients. I'd like to say a massive well done to them all, they're all fantastic and I wish them the best of luck...especially my lovely friend Lizzie Mackay who now has to win for both of us!

Soooo...back to the drawing I have to come up with plan B.  
Ideas on a postcard...


  1. I still love you....and your dinosaur x There will be something even bigger and better round the corner for you.... :) Whistleandstitch got it right with the solves most things !

  2. I agree everything happens for a reason Dawny, and you have been seen by a lot of people via this competition, as one door closes another one opens (i bet your tired of hearing puns!) but its true! and you are so FAB FAB FAB! its not the end but just the beginning, use this feeling to spur you on to doing something you always wanted to do, children's books perhaps???? u go get em girl! your a finalist in my eyes! x

  3. Hi Dawn: Your dream is certainly not over, it just got redirected.
    Do not lose perspective... the big prize is already given to you... your amazing talent!
    So keep doing your beautiful and happy work and move on.

    Life is to short ... chin up and be proud. Your work is AMAZINGGGGG.
    I hope we can meet sometime.
    Lots of love
    rosie martinez-dekker

  4. Well I LOVE your work and your writing too. I follow your blog and it is my fav. You rock!!!

  5. I still love your work it is fun and super cute:)

  6. Gutted to hear this but I think there is another path for you pet! Your a very talented laydee so you will not be beat.

  7. Thanks everyone for your super kind comments...I'm still sad but promise to cheer up pretty soon when I've finished sulking :-) x

  8. I think your work is fab ... whilst today it may feel unpleasant, tomorrow you might be grateful.
    You did brilliantly to get so far - much better than hundreds of others. I'm sure lots of good things will come of it for you anyway.
    You still make lovely pictures and artwork.

  9. I'm sorry for you but I'm sure that you'll achieve others lovely things. I love your work, it's very cute. I've just discovered your blog and I follow you. You're great!!

  10. Oh Dawn , its such a bummer isnt it. If its any consulation I didnt even get thru to the 50, mind you Ive only just got back into designing world, thats what I keep telling myself anyway. I too love your work and reckon you seem like you are doing bloomin' fab anyway. Enjoy your wine and your sulk..ha ha x

  11. I voted for you, and Lizzie, I wish you had made it through, it must have been tough going. Your work is lovely and I hope your new clients prove very positive for the future! :) Onwards and upwards girl and keep making us laugh..... Please :) Can't do without that.

  12. I was totally surprised. Your worked rocked it!! Let yourself sulk for a bit but not too long! xoxo