Friday, 13 September 2013

one of those mornings...

This morning I:
Sorted the kids' breakfasts.
Made the little one's packed lunch.
Made the other half a sarnie too 'cos I'm kind like that.
Fed the dog.
Packed the big one's cooking ingredients for school. (spag bol - she handed me the list at 7 o'clock last night resulting in a mad dash to Tesco) (That was me doing the mad dash. Not her. She carried on watching icarly)(I hate that programme)
Remembered the little one's buns for Bun Day.
Filled out the form giving the big one permission to have some vaccination or other at school. (Form due back last Monday)
Stuck a tenner in 2 cards for 2 twins who are friends with the big one and whose birthday it is today.
Put all the correct buns/cooking stuff/forms/cards/homework/lunch in the correct piles for the correct kid.
Had a quick shower and made an effort to look half decent. (Failed)
Raced downstairs.
Bang on time to leave the house with the little one.

The little one said "Where's Bob?"
He doesn't have a "hat" any more. He has "Bob". The bloody hat has got a name and it has become an obsessive comfort blanket type thing. Wears it all the time. Even in bed sometimes. He looks like the kid from East is East. It had August off but now it's cold again Bob is back. Only not this morning. 
No Bob. 
After a frantic search I decided the sodding thing must still be at Cubs. 'Cos I didn't pick up from cubs last night. I was doing a trolley dash in Tesco. But really it could be anywhere we just didn't have time to look.
So we had to go to school Bob-less. And of course it was all my fault. Because I didn't have time to look. Never mind that he'd been playing Minecraft for the past half hour while I rushed round like a bloody lunatic. Look for your own hat child!!

Is it too early for wine?

PS.. Thanks for all your kind messages about the end of my dream. I'm coming round a bit. I'm working out Plan B. It will be loads better than Plan A. When I get my head round it....


  1. Aaah....the joy of being a mum...I feel your pain... !! By the way....if you have any spare plans can you pass one to me...I have found myself planless xx

  2. Blame it all on Mindcraft I always do, my two boys spend more time then anyone I know playing and talking about it, well thats what I tell them!! Look forward to hearing all about Plan B.x
    P.S hope you find the HAT!

  3. You Just described my mornings too Dawn, Best of luck for plan B x

  4. Oh the joys, I have 2 children an 11 year old who has just started high school!!!!! god that makes me feel ancient - sorry I am ancient, I also have a son who is 8 years old and is Autstic. If I left my children to their own devices they wound NEVER sleep!!!!. Your story about the hat sounds all too familiar, my son wears a hat everywhere he goes and i spent the other night turning the house upside down only to find that old pair of gloves i lost ages ago, sadly no hat. Your blog cracks me up, it made my day to read some of your stories and I feel good now knowing someone somewhere else in Yorkshire is doing the same crazy things as me!!!!!!.

    1. I'm even more ancient 'cos my big one started high school last year and she's THIRTEEN in 2 weeks!! :-O
      Glad I've got a Yorkshire twin though :-)
      ps I think most people's lives are like that...they just put smug comments on facebook to make you think their life is perfect...but really they're running round like nutters with the rest of us. xx

  5. You made me smile! So recognizable, I'm a mother of 2 boys, 4 and 7 years. And lots of mornings are like this one. I always try to see it like this: they see us as wonder woman, we know, see and can do everything at te same time for them :-)