Thursday, 20 February 2014

don't panic!

I am in a constant state of panic these days. When I'm doing proper work that I get paid for I'm panicking that I'm not gonna have any work to show at Surtex. And when I'm working on stuff for Surtex I'm panicking that I'm not doing proper work and I have like a zillion bills that need paying every month.
What I really need is a rich benefactor to come along and support me for the next 3 months. Anyone know of one?


  1. I know just what you mean Dawnie x I spend my life panicking about stuff....but you'll be will be a big hit at Surtex mate !!

  2. I'm in panic mode at the minute too. Mostly to do with my eldest son getting a spot for 'big school' next year. Sometimes I wish I could switch my brain off. I'm driving myself (anbody within a 5 metre radius) nuts! :-) x

    1. Oh I had that a couple of years ago! Awful! Fingers crossed for you mrs xx

  3. Ha ha... that IS how we feel!! Your benefactor has to fund me too... it's the law! :-)

  4. When your finished with the benefactor can I have a go please??

  5. No benefactors have come forth as yet....I'll keep you both posted, you can defo share them if they ever turn up :-) x

  6. Yep - sure know that feeling well.....and would also LOVE some nice extra pennies to fall out of the sky; it's a tough ol' juggling game being mum to a toddler and self-employed....*sigh!*