Thursday, 27 February 2014

so... sew

I used to sew most of my designs. I liked sewing. Most of them were sold as appliques on kids clothes anyway so it made sense. Then at the end of 2012 my agent went bust. I lost loads of money. And my steady income. I stopped sewing. I haven't really sewn much since. 
I've mostly been doing work that I email to people anyway so sewing's no good 'cos you can't email fabric. But I haven't really felt much like it since. It brings back terrible memories of wondering how the hell I was gonna pay the bills and those horrible months when I thought everything I did was crap.
But today the sun was shining in my office. That's where my sewing machine lives. I decided it was time I got over the big trauma. Time to move on. I sewed a design! To take to Surtex. Woo! Another one on the pile people!


  1. Keep sewing and never look back Hun! Xx

  2. Awww...I love sewing too x Loving the monkey Dawn....onward and upwards xx

  3. Aw gorgeous - I used to sew loads too - didn't have a bad experience like you (sounds terrible for you : ( ) but I just kinda lost my sewing mojo : ( It's quicker to create designs on computer and I lost heart how much you would get for a swatch. But, you along with The Sewing Bee have inspired me to get my fabric out again woo hoo... x

  4. All i ll say is ..... awesome person and awesome work! xxx