Tuesday, 25 February 2014

half term

It's half term this week. A week later than the rest of the country for some reason. 
I haven't seen much of the kids so far. The big one stays in her room all day. She only comes down every couple of hours to open the fridge, stare inside and then shut it again. 
And the little one has so far been to 2 parties and on a day out with his friend from school. He's off to another friend's to play tomorrow then straight to Cub Camp till Friday. That kid's life is one big party!
The big one and I will use his absence to go shopping in peace. She needs a new school skirt. There's only one flipping shop we can buy it from and it's miles away. But she might be expelled if she carries on wearing the current one. It is VERY short. She likes it like that. She's gonna be gutted when she has to wear the frumpy new knee length one next week.
Did I mention it's brown? And polyester? Poor kid!

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  1. Oh my god! My uniform used to be brown too!! You could only buy it from one shop in Cheddar... they did a roaring trade! They were thick polyester and A-line so everyone used to get the old woman in the shop to take them in... and then no-one could walk and they all split! Tell her I understand!!! xxxxxxx