Monday, 1 December 2014

advent 1

Two years ago mine and Lizzie's agent went bust, leaving us totally in the lurch before Christmas. The only thing that kept us going with work when we really couldn't be arsed any more was her idea to do a daily advent calendar.

We've both decided to do one again this year...even though we are both proper snowed under with real life work and everything! We love a bit of pressure we do!
So here's my day one. I may make it to the end and do all 24. And then again I may not. Only time will tell. Or the lack of it...
Have a nose at Lizzie's here...

We're also doing a shared advent over at Dotty Wren Studio so if no-one bought you a real life advent calendar with chocolate and stuff nip over there every day and pretend it's a calorie saving exercise :)


  1. Been admiring your lovely illustration and just realised that I haven't bought my boys an advent calendar! Eek. *rushes to shop* x

  2. I'm just adding yours to my long advent list. You're at the top of course cos I LOVES YA! :-)