Saturday, 13 December 2014

advent 13

Update on Christmas Jumper Day:
So it turns out that Christmas Jumper Day yesterday was actually a THING and everyone in the country was doing it. Not just the little one's school!
And before I left to purchase the flipping jumper on Thursday night he announced that, actually, he would really really really like to wear a santa costume instead of a jumper. 
I said "Ok darling, I'll try my best to find one for you". What I actually meant was "Not on your nelly kid, you are 10 years old, not 5, and will look a total loser in a santa suit"
So anyways... I got to the shopping centre and started my hunt for a non acrylic, well designed, quality jumper. 
Zero results. Christmas jumpers. I down-graded my search and looked for any Christmas jumper, acrylic or not, and any size. Nothing. Sold out. Gone. Till next year.
So...... yesterday, on National Christmas Jumper Day, the little one wore a full on santa suit. With full on santa boots. And a santa hat. 
He loved it!
What a super mother I am!

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