Tuesday, 16 December 2014

advent 16

What's going on with this Elf on the Shelf thing all of a sudden? Where did that come from? Is it a new thing or have I just missed it up to now?
There are people putting pictures of the damned thing everywhere. Elf hiding in the tree. Elf causing trouble with toilet paper. Elf in the fridge drawing faces on the coleslaw. The bloody elf is getting on my nerves! 
Mostly because it annoys me that these people have got the time to come up with funny elf antics when I haven't even got time to write my flipping Christmas cards!
One woman has even made the elf a skirt! 
They obviously haven't got a big pile of work to get through. And no doubt they bought their Christmas presents months ago and they've already wrapped them and hidden them in the loft. 
It's THOSE PEOPLE again!

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