Sunday, 12 April 2015

arty farty waste of time

So today I painted all these different bits of colour. With gouache and acrylic. Then I did some cutting and sticking. With scissors and Mod Podge. Then I scanned the stuck down butterflies and flowers into my computer. Then I chopped them out in photoshop. Then I put them into illustrator and tried to do something interesting with them.
But it basically looked crap.
So here are the bits with not much done to them. 
Think I'll just save the arty farty nonsense for someone else next time. It would've taken 10 mins to do this in illustrator. 
Although I did enjoy myself. So that's all that matters. I suppose.


  1. Think we must have been feeling the same ..I got out my gouache today after seeing so many designers being 'arty farty' I felt I'd lost the creativeness of getting a bit messy with paints etc. Mine was crapper than yours..mind you I did spend most of my time trying to get the kids to leave my paint brushes alone. At least we tried !! You don't need to anyway , your works amazing without all the messy stuff. ;)

  2. The purists might like all that arty farty messy art, but i think both your outcomes look great, whatever the medium you used. And that's because you're so clever.....

  3. Ha thanks ladies! I think I was trying too hard to be old skool! Illustrator was invented for a reason right?! x

  4. As a collage person I really love these . x