Friday, 24 April 2015

friday night

Aw man, Friday nights are crap now the little one is at Scouts. I get home from dropping him off at 7.15 and have to set off back to pick him up again at 8.45. 
I know it's one and a half hours and plenty of time to do something....but I can't relax. I can't just sit on the sofa and crack open the beer. I can't start watching anything much on telly. I can't even really go anywhere and be back in time. I'm basically just hanging about. Waiting.
And the bad news is he bloody loves it. He's looking like he'll be in Scouts for EVER. He'll become a young leader then some sort of weirdo Scout bloke till he works his way up the woggle scale to become District Commissioner and finally Bear-bloody-Grylls.
Meanwhile it's totally cocking up my Friday nights.
That is all.


  1. ha ha, love it. Nice monkey by the way.... i'll be stealing that one, ha ha!

  2. Too funny. I love your hanging monkey.