Friday, 10 April 2015

hello sunshine

Ahhh...warm has a strange effect on the good people of Britain. As soon as the sun first pops it's head out from behind the heavy duty clouds they seem to feel the urge to bare their pasty white flesh in public. I have seen all manner of skimpy shorts and boob-tube combos this week. None of them good. Do these people not own a mirror?

The Big One, on the other hand, hasn't taken off the parka-with-fur-around-the-hood all week. Despite having refused to wear a coat at all for the last 5 years she recently discovered that she is quite partial to a parka and has not taken the buggering thing off since I bought it.
Sunshine? What sunshine?


  1. ha ha, I agree.... saw some sights at the seaside today! "I don't know what they think they look like!"

    1. Ha ha Lizzie! "I don't know what they think they look like" either! :D xxx