Friday, 5 June 2015

day tripping

I had a rather lovely jaunt to London yesterday to meet up with my publishers. I went on the train and listened to all the business knobs competing to have TheMostImportantPhoneCallEver. They all started with "Hi! I'm on a train, I might get cut off!" just to make them sound super busy and on-the-move. There was much talk of 'dropping' people an email and touching base. And lots of spread sheet convos and requesting of up to date figure analysis.
I opted out, read Grazia and ate some crisps.

Anyways it was a fab day and I'm gonna be doing loads more books. Very soon. Yay!


  1. Fabulous Darling. I'm on a train, might get cut off so no time to write much but let's touch base soon, yah?

  2. Looks like your trip paid off. Glad you are not one of those really important train people. Enjoy your crisps and read.