Sunday, 7 June 2015

top weekend

Don't wish to sound all smug and showyoffy or anything but my weekend was ace!
We spent yesterday at this charity football tournament the other half helps organise every year. The football is bloody boring but literally everyone we have ever known ever turns up to support it and we all go back to the pub afterwards and get steadily drunk.
Apart from New Years Eve it seems to be the only time that everyone WeHaveEverKnownEVER gets together.
It's in memory of our friend Ken who died of cancer a few years ago and the total this year will take the amount raised for Kirkwood Hospice in his name up to nearly £10,000!
Then today we went to my fave place in Yorkshire Salts Mill and I came across 5 of my books. Just sitting there. On display! With all the other proper books! I was so excited I nearly wee'd!
I'm used to seeing my designs in shops and I don't get giddy at all any more when I see a pair of pyjamas with a bunny I designed on them. I've seen a million pairs of pj's with bunnies I designed.
But this was the first time I've seen my books anywhere. And it was in the best book shop in Yorkshire! Yay!


  1. How exciting for you. I remember years ago seeing the children's vest I designed on a child in our town. Happy for you.

  2. Yay!!! Very extremely proud of you Dawny!! :-) Happy Bunny off the scale!!!!

    1. Couldn't have done it without you Looloo xxxxx

  3. How exciting Dawn xx Your books are ace ! You should be well proud xx

  4. Please can I have an autograph?? You is a sooopa star