Monday, 15 June 2015

hello to all the working mums who are super busy... and a bit productive

I read the lovely Lisa Congdon's blog this week about being busy and super productive. I could soo relate to everything she said. I too am focused, motivated and quick and I love what I do. And I'm dead organised. Just like Lisa :) Nice one!
But Lisa points out she doesn't have kids. She works 9-11 hours a day.
You can't do this when you have kids. Not unless you don't really like them very much and employ SuperNanny to do the job for you. 
Lisa also has a lovely wife whereas I have the other half. And that's mostly like having a 3rd kid to look after!
I never get chance to work for more than 6 hours at a time. And it's usually less than that. It's all StopStartStopStartJuggling. I stop working at about 3.15pm every day and then have to catch up and finish stuff as soon as I get chance later. It's getting easier now they're getting older. The big one mostly stays in her room unless she needs food. But there's always something going on that stops me working.
Last week I spent all day Wednesday on the little one's school trip, Thursday at the little one's school anniversary party and Friday afternoon at Celebration Assembly.
I didn't have to. I could have worked. But it was my last school trip ever. He starts high school in September. And I was the only parent who was invited. (Cos I'm a right laugh on school trips I think) And I didn't have to dress up in 1950's clothes and go to the anniversary party either. But he wanted me to go. And I'll never get chance to do that stuff again. And he got a certificate in assembly on Friday. And of course I never miss assembly. I've turned up for the last 10 years. I'm hoping for a flipping certificate myself in 5 weeks at my last one!

I suppose there'll be plenty of time to be a proper Lisa Congdon when they get bored of me and go off to do their own thing.
I'll just have to sort out SuperNanny for the other half and I can get cracking...


  1. yay for the working mum, your post put a smile on my face this morning :) off to read Lisa's now!

  2. Ditto Dawn! I'm just the same ... I wouldn't miss any of the kiddo stuff for all the tea in china either ... special times that won't come around again. Yay you. You do a grand job of balancing it all... brilliantly :-)

  3. Great Post, completely agree, Its hard to fit it all in and juggle everything! I too have a 3rd child (husband) x

  4. Hi Dawn I love this blog post. I raised two beautiful kids by myself after my divorce and worked a full time job too. I always put time aside to be with them, which left little time for myself but I loved spending time with them. I was always working in art and design, full time and then and now free lance.
    Love your honesty, it is hard but in the end, you end up with kids that remain close to you for the rest of your life. Go get em girl, you are a great mom with super energy and a great artist too. love MJ

  5. You are so right Dawn xx I spent EVERY day last week watching hours and hours and hours of cricket just to see my little one bat....and then had to work till 2 every morning to catch up....but I love those times with him and its worth it !! How lucky are we to be able spend so much time with them the way....great zebras !! xxx

  6. Wow I can so understand exactly where you are coming from Dawn, i really appreciate your honesty too, I find it soooo hard to juggle everything, being a mum and freelancing is hard work and I always feel guilty if I am out enjoying myself or going to school concerts or even sitting doing homework with them, because I always have a ton of work to do and always have loads of new ideas thats I never get round to actually doing!! glad I am not on my own, thanks for posting xx

  7. Such a great post ..I'm with you there on all of it. ..the last school trip I did I had to dress up as a Victorian maid....honestly never thought being a Mum would involve such stuff!!! By the time I get into my work each day it seems its only a short time before school pick up again, then I cant concentrate as I feel a rush of panic that I haven't achieved enough.Then at night I am staring at the screen so long that I cant sleep when I get to bed..its a nightmare isn't it. Its reassuring to know there are lots of other Mums like us. x

  8. Ditto all the above...I've got a 3 year old and have to work when i can which often means working late at night, then I can't sleep either...but I love the freedom of freelancing as I can spend quality time with my little one. My friends who are working full time, envy my freedom. Before I had kids I thought I had no time and was super busy. Now I realise I had loads of time, just now I use it wisely. xx