Friday, 4 September 2015

catching up....

I'm back from my hols and feel like I never went away. As soon as my flip-flops touched down on the cold, wet tarmac at Leeds Bradford airport the sunshine and relaxation were long forgotten. So was the plan I concocted whilst sitting under my palm tree - that I wouldn't take on so much work and that I'd factor in time to do my own stuff. Ha ha as if that's ever gonna happen! are a few catchy-uppy-things...

Before I went away I was interviewed TWICE! 
Like I have anything interesting to say once never mind twice.
If you fancy reading them the first one is on Sara Castro Monteiro's blog...she also interviewed lots of other lovelies including my chums Lizzie and Genine.
The other one is the fab new online magazine Design Crumbs. Page 19. But read the rest's great!

The ranges I put together for the fabulous Lilipinso are out this month. There's a range for girls and one for boys so no excuses folks, go buy yourself, and all the kids you know, some goodies to liven your walls up!

studio shots
Some pics of my filled up studio as promised...
Still love love loving it...and it's still dead tidy :)

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