Friday, 11 September 2015

friday feelin

When I was under my palm tree I decided that from now on Fridays would be MyDayFriday. 
Friday would be the day I do my own work, no commissions, just stuff I want to do. And sorty out day. To sort out all the crap I never have time to sort out. And relaxy day. To just sit and do nothing if I fancy it. Cos I NEVER do that. Like ever.
I read all this Mindfulness bumf under my palm tree and that was it. New me. It was the future! 
And relax.

Of course I've decided to do MyDayFriday before. Loads of times. And it appears this time is no different....another massive fail!
Not only will I be working my arse off all day and night to meet deadlines, it's looking like I'll be working most of the weekend too.

So that's it.
From October I will NOT be working for anyone on a Friday. MyDayFriday starts 2 October. I've written it down. I have to do it now.

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