Thursday, 17 September 2015

new jumper

I had to take the big one shopping last night. She needed a dress. For a party she's going to. Tomorrow night. We had already spent most of Saturday at the second rate shopping centre nearer home looking for something suitable. The second rate shopping centre was not good enough for the big one. We had to go into Leeds. Leeds has better shops.
As luck would have it she found the perfect LBD in the very first shop we visited. And RidiculouslyHighShoesForA15YearOld in the very second shop we entered.
This left us with enough time for me to mooch around Urban Outfitters and purchase the JumperOfTheSeason. This is the jumper I will wear every single day until the sun comes out again at the end of May. I've managed to pick a good one this year. I love love love it. Chunky and black with a big neck. And room underneath for loads more items of black clothing. What could be better! 


  1. I've gone completely mad this year and opted for a BURGUNDY everydaytillthesuncomesback jumper !! Well when I say burgundy...its like really really dark burgundy...really really dark....nearly black in fact,,,,only it isn't....its burgundy.... xxx

    1. BURGUNDY?! Get you Jayney Jayne! Radical!!! I love it!