Thursday, 15 December 2016

maxing out on seasonal affective disorder

Today is the last day of school this year for the little one. So we worked it out as we walked across the more this morning IN THE DARK that this was the darkest school run of the winter and it's all going in the right direction from now on. Thank god for that!
I remember that I hate January every year but I forgot that December is pretty grim too. It's disguised a bit because of all the festivities. And then the school hols start so I don't have to get up so early...which is a bonus. But it's still bloody dark and grey and damp all the time.
We actually only get 20 minutes more daylight than the hygged up folks in Denmark. Without the candles, pastries and shorter working hours. And snow. Without the snow. The snow makes everything brighter doesn't it? No wonder I'm fed up!
I googled S.A.D and I have all the symptoms. The treatments are apparently: drugs and CBT, (a bit drastic) exercise in daylight (fat chance of's dark on my dog walk and I don't have another time slot) and light therapy (which they say is not actually proven to work)
They don't mention the obvious treatment. Buy a second home in a sunny country and live there for 3 months. That's what I plan to do when my school days are over. Five. More. Winters.

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