Thursday, 1 December 2016

november 2016

So that was November.
And now.... on to December. 
If you're looking for the annual advent countdown I'm afraid it's not happening this year. I just can't fit it in. I've got so much work booked in for December already and I haven't even started to think about Christmas pressies and stuff. I'm gonna give myself a nervous breakdown if I have to commit to anything else. 
Plus I do think the whole advent thing has been done to death now. When Lizzie made me do it in 2012 no-one else seemed to do it. Now everyone and their dog has a go. It's like bloody #inktober.

I have to say we're also a bit sick of people nicking the designs too. The Dotty Wren advents that we've done have been used on loads of stuff. I think people think they're some sort of free download to use on their products as they wish. We don't get too arsey about people printing them out and using them for their own kids advents. That's quite cute. But we do draw the line at the companies who blatantly rip them off and use them in their Christmas ranges. Which has happened. A lot. 
So it's an advent free zone round here I'm afraid. Those big corporations will have to find someone else's artwork to steal this year. 
Ho ho ho. 🎅🏼


  1. That's so crap. So sorry to hear that you've been ripped off. F**ckers. We work in one of the most poorly paid industries, it just adds insult to injury when that happens. xxx

  2. Sorry to hear that, I really enjoyed the advent blog posts the past couple of years.

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