Saturday, 24 December 2016

merry christmas!

I did a late night trolley dash round M&S last night for Christmas dinner. Not too busy at all and generally a very pleasant shopping experience. If you don't count the fact that half the shelves had been emptied by the 250,000 stampeding nutters who went in the afternoon and grabbed what they could. Anyway I got most of what I needed. There'll be no RedCabbageBraisedWithBramleyApplesAndRedcurrantJelly this year. But we'll manage.
I was so relaxed after my shop that I called in at Ikea for new serving bowls. And left with a new pot for all my pens, new wine glasses, tealights, gift tags, teatowels, bowls, six new cushion covers and six cushions to stuff them with... a job well done.

So we're all set now.
Have a lovely Christmas people xx

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