Sunday, 11 September 2011

bag packer

Yesterday me and the little man packed bags in Tesco to raise money for his football team. 
Actually, I packed the bags. And if there was a Tesco Super Fabulous Customer Service Award 10 September 2011 I would have won it.
Alf, on the other hand, wouldn't.
But to be fair he wasn't really tall enough to see into the bags he didn't do bad, considering.


  1. The things we do for our little men and their football ! I've just got back from watching Ben's team lose 11 - 0.....and it rained....a awful lot !!

  2. Oh, this is so adorable! It also has such a great message. We loooove tote bags here at my house!

  3. Love it! All your illustrations! Cool work! :)