Monday, 12 September 2011

technical difficulties

I was having a super-good time faffing about on Pinterest. I added loads of new pins. Very satisfied....till I had a proper look.
For some reason half of them don't show the picture I pinned but an ugly question mark in a blue box. Then when you look at my boards there are some random pics that I would never pin in a million years. Like beautiful women wearing sunglasses and flowers on their heads. I pin cute bears, not beautiful women!
What's going on there then? The Pinterest ghostie is having a laugh I think. I've shut it down 'cos it's annoying me. Big style.


  1. Oh yes I see your ladies with their floaty hair and flowers when the board is small, when you click on it they're not there......... mmmmm interesting.
    I have to say the support team are better than Blogger.
    Send 'em an email.

  2. Lisa you dont half crack me up!! :) XXX