Monday, 19 September 2011

dodgy boiler

Our boiler is knackered. It's never been brilliant. But now when you put the heating on it cuts out after 20 minutes. It's been like that for a while but I've ignored it 'cos it was summer and if I was cold I just put another jumper on.
Peter the Heater fixed it for us last year. Said it was the thermostat. Put a new one on.
Gonna have to ring him again. 
Hope we can get away with another new bit and don't need to get a new boiler 'cos I really don't want to have to fork out for a new one....I'll just put 10 jumpers on and reset it every 20 minutes thanks all the same...


  1. Oh I hear you!
    Ours is officially on it's last legs. Last winter the boiler man said it probably won't last another year........GULP!
    More jumpers, hotties and am making a sausage dog for the front door.

  2. ha ha...make another while you're at it will ya :-)