Friday, 2 September 2011

o m g !!!

So yesterday the other half was in charge of the little people for only the second time in six and a half weeks of no school. And what happened? 
The little man fell in the canal!
With his brand new bike!
Don't worry, he was fished out. He is safe and well.
They had to flag down a passing barge to borrow a pole. The other half fished out the bike from the bottom of the canal.
So all is well.
No problem at all.
No fuss required.


  1. Oh no - glad he is okay, I would have freaked out! What are our men like? Yesterday I had a stressful afternoon of uniform shopping only to return to my other half chilling and reading his book with a beer in his hand. He said "why are you so stressed out, it couldn't have been that bad?" Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  2. OMG, that's a man for you!!! I'm so glad to hear your little boy and his bike are okay, though!

    Also, very cute illustration!

  3. Happy to hear that little man is alright!

  4. Men! Sounds scarey! bUt glad everything turned out ok.

  5. Oh my blummin' ada!!!!!!
    I really hope he's ok after his first swim on his new bike - poor little fella.

    Glad your camping trip went well too.


  6. Men!!! Can't live with them, can't live with them!! He he! Pleased he's ok. I'm happy to be back to work again properly now school has started.